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Change is constant, to stay is optional.

"People change it’s a given, they’re not who they were when you met, and you’re not who you were when you met her either. Both of you changed, but that’s not the sad part, the sad part is that both of you just let each other go, it’s easy to fall in love, you could in 10 seconds or less, but the hard part is to stay in love, even if both of you changed."

Love struck

The day i met you felt like the world was spinning , my stomach had butterflies in them, it felt really weird, then i closed my eyes thinking about you. it felt like days passed by when i closed my eyes , I woke up in a room i have never been to.. they told me I was hit by a truck when i stopped in the middle of the road. But all i felt were butterflies.. cause i saw you~ I’m glad i’m still alive, so i can keep thinking of you.

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